We’re Not Your Mom’s Marketing Firm

Besides being better looking (acquired taste), Steelsmith Group is not a traditional marketing agency. The SG Mafia as we call ourselves, are a combination of in-house professionals and independent industry experts all working under an evolving strategy for our clients.

A typical marketing agency relies on an army of interns, marketing assistants and coordinators working endless hours in an office under a core team of swanky salesmen. We’ve all lived this and we believe it’s simply not good business.

Our Illustrious History

Steelsmith Group was founded in 2011 in San Diego, CA by Andrew Steelsmith as a consulting firm specializing in digital marketing, CRM Software and Marketing Automation. As they began to acquire new customers under several different industry verticals they realized the potential of delivering a unique value proposition that combined the different marketing services under a unified strategy.

As their client base grew, Steelsmith Group began to understand unique industry opportunities of combining digital marketing techniques with cutting edge tools. This helped their client base become more efficient while keeping their overhead costs low, increasing their value.

This combination was a huge step forward for a young company, and they enjoyed the continual evolution of their core strategy, the Digital Marketing Road Map. Fueled by this unique concoction of internet marketing and software applications, Steelsmith Group packed it all up and officially moved their home base to Seattle, Andrew’s hometown.

People and Structure

Steelsmith Group is a family company, first and foremost. Andrew, our CEO, is surrounded by his wife, brother and sister-in law all actively working within the company. SG was designed as a semi-virtual company, which means we have offices, but we only like going to them for important meetings with clients (or when the bars and coffee shops are closed). SG Mafia members enjoy unlimited vacation time and sick leave, and can work from anywhere in the world. We also believe in a flat management structure, and hire only seasoned professionals and not interns or recent college grads. This guarantees that our focus is on the client and not our subordinates.


Each SG Mafia member holds up their own pillar of the company. Our single most used word (besides the f-word) is Ownership. Ownership means that once an SG Mafia member begins a project, they alone are responsible for carrying the torch across the finish line, even if other people are working with them.

They are also responsible for constant improvement of their own process, as well as the continual improvement that is the standard at Steelsmith Group. Not to brag, but this makes for a killer team.