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The Essential Small Business Guide to Local SEO

The most essential part of internet marketing is local SEO. The first step, when starting a local SEO campaign (or really any internet marketing campaign), is to determine the keywords that you want to rank for, keeping in mind the competition and search volume of those keywords when choosing one. It’s important to be specific to your niche, but feel free to use synonyms and other variations of your keywords (this will help you avoid keyword stuffing). And don’t forget that your location is part of your keyword phrases.

Once your keywords are determined, you can start on the most important part of your website in terms of SEO — the content! Ever heard “content is King”? Well, nothing could be more true when it comes to SEO. So it’s very important to fill your website with relevant, quality content, and to update it often. The easiest way to keep your site’s content moving and changing is to blog regularly. And most importantly, although robots rank your website, remember that you are writing to people that you hope to convert into customers. Also note that search engines take the quality of content, including its grammar, into high consideration when ranking your site. And don’t forget to include your location in your content, so you will rank locally!

Finally, make sure to do basic on-page SEO. This includes creating original title tags and meta descriptions for each of your pages and posts. Make sure your tags and descriptions are accurate, helpful, and include your location. This will help to make your site super easy for search engine crawlers to read. The most commonly overlooked on-page SEO is making sure that all the content on the site is rooted in text, including images and videos. Your keywords should be in all image and video descriptions, titles, and captions. Search engine crawlers can’t read images or videos, so these text anchors help them understand what’s on your site. Finally, make sure that your page URLs are easy to read. So instead of having a URL like www.steelsmithgroup.com/2013/83930jsk94738/htm, which reveals nothing about what’s on the page, try something like www.steelsmithgroup.com/internet-marketing-san-diego/local-seo/.



  • Make sure your business listings in local directories online are up-to-date and accurate.
  • Create social media pages for your business. More importantly, create personal and business Google+ pages, and claim Google authorship for your content. Use social media marketing to educate and engage your customers rather than try to sell your products/services.

  • Ensure your website is mobile-friendly.

  • Ask clients to review your business online, to like your Facebook page, follow your business on Twitter, check in on FourSquare, etc.

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StacheClip: Rebranded & Redesigned

We’re pleased to announce that StacheClip.com has officially been launched and is ready to receive your ‘stache purchases for your next big bash or small get together.

At Steelsmith Group, we’re big fans of this site. Not only does it look great, but it’s also super easy to use and navigate, making the hilarious products it sells easy to buy. Now we can all add class to each sip with a StacheClip!

StacheClip’s website has an updated slideshow with new pictures to give the site a fresher feel. Our creative director even made an awesome new logo for the company. Under the slideshow are the five different mustache styles offered by the company. When you click on the different ‘staches, fun descriptions pop up on the page.

The new ecommerce site allows you to purchase StacheClips in a variety five pack, single-style eight pack, or a bulk order of custom-printed ‘staches. There’s also a link to StacheClip’s gallery, full of fun and shareable pictures. The site is also completely integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

So check out StacheClip’s new site and check out Steelsmith Group’s awesome web development/design and branding skills.

You can visit StacheClip’s Facebook page here, and you should probably look at our page too while you’re at it.

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SMM Makes Local Musician’s Video Go Viral

Here’s a great story of our little internet marketing company in San Diego volunteering our services to help a sidewalk musician hit it big nearly overnight. This is a great example of the power of social media marketing.

One evening last summer, Andrew Steelsmith heard a beautifully unique voice while walking the streets of downtown San Diego and wandered over with his girlfriend in tow. After recording one of the mystery singer’s enchanting songs on his iPhone, Andrew’s marketing background compelled him to upload the video to YouTube. He went on to use his internet marketing expertise to optimize the video for search engines and post it on several social media sites. Overnight, the video exploded in popularity and trended at the top of websites like YouTube and Reddit, gaining almost a half a million views.

The next day, Andrew learned that the beautiful stranger singing on the sidewalk was named Charlie Rae. She had a hard time grasping her newfound popularity. After all, she was singing on the street in the first place because she’d been having trouble booking gigs since moving to San Diego a few months earlier. Charlie Rae suddenly received hundreds of collaboration offers, had labels want to meet with her, and was even approached by NBC’s The Voice. Andrew Steelsmith and Charlie Rae were even featured on ABC News’ website as well as Fox 5 San Diego.

Later that week, Charlie Rae’s manager contacted Andrew to consult with them regarding social media and other internet marketing tactics. Andrew was able to help Charlie Rae and her manager capitalize on their surprising and sudden success by consulting with them on how to connect with her fans and nurture her newfound popularity on the internet.

Charlie Rae continues to play regular gigs with a large social media following, and her popularity continues to grow steadily.

Check out Charlie Rae’s Facebook page. And check out our page while you’re at it.