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StacheClip: Rebranded & Redesigned

We’re pleased to announce that has officially been launched and is ready to receive your ‘stache purchases for your next big bash or small get together.

At Steelsmith Group, we’re big fans of this site. Not only does it look great, but it’s also super easy to use and navigate, making the hilarious products it sells easy to buy. Now we can all add class to each sip with a StacheClip!

StacheClip’s website has an updated slideshow with new pictures to give the site a fresher feel. Our creative director even made an awesome new logo for the company. Under the slideshow are the five different mustache styles offered by the company. When you click on the different ‘staches, fun descriptions pop up on the page.

The new ecommerce site allows you to purchase StacheClips in a variety five pack, single-style eight pack, or a bulk order of custom-printed ‘staches. There’s also a link to StacheClip’s gallery, full of fun and shareable pictures. The site is also completely integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

So check out StacheClip’s new site and check out Steelsmith Group’s awesome web development/design and branding skills.

You can visit StacheClip’s Facebook page here, and you should probably look at our page too while you’re at it.