Why Your Business Needs a Google+ Page & How to Optimize It

Google+ is commonly overlooked by small business owners, but it’s actually vital for your search engine (specifically Google) rankings. At Steelsmith Group, one of the first things that we do for our clients is ensure that they have an optimized Google+ business page.  

5 reasons why you and your business need Google+ pages:

  1. When people search on Google, businesses with Google+ Local pages have higher page ranks than companies that don’t.

  2. Having a Google+ page ensures that your business appears on Google Maps and that the listed information is accurate.

  3. Google+ is a great way to connect with other people in the industry and present yourself as an industry leader.

  4. Have you ever Googled something and seen someone’s picture next to an article?

That’s called Google authorship, which you can set up once you create your own personal Google+ account (by linking your Google+ account to your business’ website). Learn how to set up Google authorship here.

      5.  Google Places officially no longer exists, so if you’re still relying on that listing, you need

           to switch it over to (or combine it with) a Google+ Local page.

      ** Check out these two separate studies from SearchMetrics and Netmark for more evidence as to how a Google+ page can boost your business growth.


7 tips on how to optimize your Google+ page:

  1. Fill out as much information as possible. In addition to your business name, location, phone number, and email address, you should fill out your business hours, business category, business description.

  2. Add pictures, including your company’s logo. Make sure that you have a profile picture as well as a banner photo. Videos are great too.

  3. Use an actual address for your location rather than a P.O. Box or UPS store.

  4. Actually post on your Google+ page to make your business appear as an industry influencer and build your company’s online authority with +1’s and user reviews.

  5. To further increase your company’s online authority, join industry-related Google+ communities and +1 other industry leaders.

  6. Make sure the website you put on Google+ is verified as your company’s official Google+ page.                                                                                         

  7. Add a link to your Google+ on your website. Learn how here.


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