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Internet Marketing 101: Landing Page Optimization

A landing page is a page on your website, designed specifically to be the first page a visitor comes to and to be highly relevant to the service or product they are seeking. Landing pages are often overlooked when creating an internet marketing strategy, but they’re arguably the most important part of your website.

To put it simply, landing pages are the URLs that people go directly to via search engine results, sponsored ads or other advertising. Your landing pages are where traffic converts into sales.

When you design your website, remember that your landing pages need to be specific to what you do, informative (but not overly so), and have obvious calls to action, whether it’s a contact form or your business’ phone number with text saying, “Call Today.” Look at your highest competitors’ landing pages to see how they’re set up.

Below are the features that together compose the ultimate landing page:

  • Make the page visually appealing: have the page designed professionally, limit the text and add     engaging images
  • Make the goal of the page obvious and inviting
  • Keep the look and feel congruent with the rest of your website to remain consistent
  • Include a compelling and clear call to action
  • Minimize the amount of data you ask visitors for (only ask for what you need)
  • Put what you want your visitors to focus on above the fold, meaning that your visitors don’t     have to scroll down to find what you want them to see first
  • Have an obvious, large, and bold phone number on the page (don’t forget to put your address     on there as well)
  • Use facts rather than sales tactics
  • Include endorsements and testimonials to increase perceived authority
  • Tell potential customers what your services/products cost
  • For local businesses, include a high-quality map of your location (Google maps tend to be the     standard)

When Steelsmith Group optimizes landing pages for our clients, these are the fundamentals that we always stick to. Landing pages need to be clear, concise, and honest for your internet marketing campaign to successfully convert as much traffic as possible. If you could use some help, feel free to get in touch with Steelsmith Group today by calling (888) 245-4117.