What You Need to Know About Marketing in 2014

On the heels of an exciting year in marketing, 2014 is turning into another intriguing year; keeping marketers guessing and enthusiastic for what’s to come. Here are some great marketing trends to keep in mind when writing your next blog or article.

Chalk it up to Good Ol’ (New) Searching.
When was the last time you actually picked up a phone book to search for a phone number or let alone owned a phone book? In this ever-evolving digital and mobile world, search marketing has become the new go-to for the well recognized yellow pages. It allows for easy access and immediate results. Localizing your search efforts and providing consumers with the most up to date information can essentially funnel digital users into physical locations, which can be very fruitful.

With this in mind, we have collected a few tips in order to better your SEM localization:

  • Pay attention to the market you are promoting within; your message directed at mobile users may be different from those aimed to radio or TV consumers.
  • Don’t forget about the power of keywords and creating a complete and thorough search structure. Implementing this towards all markets, improves performance and productivity.
  • Organize your campaign structure according to how your stores are set up and how you plan to divide up your budget.

In essence, having a customized local connection with your customers proves to be very influential and advantageous.

Don’t Forget Those Headlines!
As far as copy goes – keywords aren’t the only thing you need to pay attention to. Headlines are a huge attention grabber, and often determine if someone is going to read your article. Creativity is key. Copyblogger reports that while 80% of people will read your headline, and only 20% will actually venture further. If your headline is interesting, curiosity will often get the best of people making them click on your link. Need inspiration? Turn to the popular Buzzfeed and scroll through their very long and mesmerizing list of headlines. But don’t go and copy their exact approach; you need to develop your own creative technique to give your headlines great clickability.

Viral Vids, ho!
Another effective trend is video marketing. No longer is YouTube only for the cute video of your cat hiding under the sheets; or that one time your best friend’s brother broke his arm jumping off of the roof. Video marketing has become a great way to speak to your customers. Neilson has reported that YouTube has a bigger audience than any cable network, with US adults aged 18-34. That is huge! YouTube is viewed in 61 countries, with more than 1 billion users and over 7 billion of hours watched each month. Imagine all the people you could reach.

With excellent search results, captivating headlines and even a great adventure into video marketing, your consumers will be able to find you quicker and stay longer.

Meissner Jacquét New Website Announcements

Steelsmith Group is pleased to announce the launch of a newly recharged website developed for our leading commercial properties management client, Meissner Jacquét.  The website has a crisp new look that employs intuitive navigation, streamlined searching mechanisms, and logical flow.  It clearly outlines Meissner Jacquét’s expertise, services, and company profile. It also offers references, videos, trending industry best practices and acts as a business tool for the company’s clients by providing them access to timely, relevant articles, blogs and resources.

Located in San Diego, Meissner Jacquét offers premium commercial property management services to clients and their clients’ commercial real estate assets.  They manage the day to day operations of the facilities and quickly work out solutions to any property problems that arise. For over 22 years, an impressive list of clients have entrusted their valuable properties to Meissner Jacquét.

Steelsmith Group is a leading west coast digital marketing agency. We develop solutions using the full spectrum of digital marketing tools, technologies and on line musts. We deliver clients a holistic digital marketing plan and program tailored to both who they are and who they want to become.