Meissner Jacquét New Website Announcements

Steelsmith Group is pleased to announce the launch of a newly recharged website developed for our leading commercial properties management client, Meissner Jacquét.  The website has a crisp new look that employs intuitive navigation, streamlined searching mechanisms, and logical flow.  It clearly outlines Meissner Jacquét’s expertise, services, and company profile. It also offers references, videos, trending industry best practices and acts as a business tool for the company’s clients by providing them access to timely, relevant articles, blogs and resources.

Located in San Diego, Meissner Jacquét offers premium commercial property management services to clients and their clients’ commercial real estate assets.  They manage the day to day operations of the facilities and quickly work out solutions to any property problems that arise. For over 22 years, an impressive list of clients have entrusted their valuable properties to Meissner Jacquét.

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