What Do Netflix, Building an Artificial Brain and Amazon’s Cloud Have in Common?

Netflix dangled a carrot to get the first iteration of its Recommendations engine built. It offered the Netflix Prize to savvy data scientists around the world if they could develop new algorithms that could anticipate what movies and shows you want to see based on what you’ve recently watched. And the result is a predictor element that works pretty well.

Now Netflix is taking a walk around the human brain to create it’s newest, next level predictive algorithm. The online movie & TV organization is using a branch of artificial intelligence called “deep learning.” This AI arm strives to solve really, really hard conundrums using systems that mimic the architecture and actions of the human brain.

To create this new recommendations methodology, Netflix is not taking the road tread by giant web pioneers Facebook and Google who built their own deep learning hardware infrastructure. Instead Netflix will be forging a their own path by running their deep learning algorithms on Amazon’s cloud service. However, they have, like Facebook & Google, engaged the best of the best deep-learning gurus to help with the imaging and voice recognition functionality.

All in all, this is pretty amazing stuff. Netflix is proving once again that even if they don’t always lead the pack initially, they they leap way ahead, dive deeper and come out stronger. Here at Steelsmith Group we also help our clients find the most creative path – custom-built for them.

Read more about this cool innovative leap: http://wrd.cm/1enaluP