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Twitter Study Shows What Makes a Terrific Tweet

There has been lots of guesswork by social media experts and critics regarding what makes a tweet work and what doesn’t. A new study gives us data on the subject that comes directly from the bird’s beak.

Twitter looked at more than 2 million tweets from verified accounts in the United States. What it found was that adding video, links, and photos all result in “an impressive boost in the number of retweets”.

So what type of padding best perks up a tweet, and by what percent?

Photos – averaged a 35 percent boost in retweets.
Videos – got a 28 percent boost.
Quotes – received a 19 percent boost in retweets.
A number or stat – received a 17 percent bump in retweets.
Hashtags – garnered a 16 percent boost.

Twitter provides some great examples of how different high profile sectors effectively add meat to their tweets – like news organizations, politicians, sports folks, etc.

And there is an interactive data table you can play with too.

So do a flyover of Twitter’s flock of findings here: