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Are You a Natural at Marketing Strategy?

Many professional marketers see Marketing as complex, ever-changing, deadline-driven and – above all – tactical. They focus their efforts on reacting to the latest competitor or market threat, or the newest, shiniest thing. They get mired in the details. To them, everything is urgent and struggle to manage what’s right in front of them. And if the load is heavy, they can’t sort or prioritize effectively.

But some view marketing from a different perspective. They see the whole picture from 10,000 feet. They see the path ahead pretty clearly. They see how the pieces should connect and interact. They see the brand from every angle and are able to present it in new ways that work. They know when to pull in the right expert third party – like a digital marketing agency – to help move the needle. They see, understand and act upon the fact that for every action there is a reaction. They are able to cut through the mess and get to the heart of the matter quickly. They embrace the pace and always ask, “what if?”

Some marketing profilers think that strategic thinking marketers are just born that way – like great musicians, mathematicians, painters and pitchers. The trick is to realize your gift early and use it wisely and often.

So do you think you are a strategic thinking marketer? See if you match this pro’s strategic thinking marketer profile: