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Summer Flash: Mobile Content Kicks Sand in the Face of Static Content

It’s summer and consumers are out and about all around the USA  – hitting the beach (a shout out to San Diego!), the road, or the mountains. What they are not doing is sitting at a desk searching static websites for information. They want their content mobile, easy to get to and feature-rich. They want help finding the right places to play, eat and drive. And they expect the businesses they buy from to supply them that information wherever they need it and as fast as they need it.

No matter how how important, robust or scintillating your content is, if you do not take your message mobile you will absolutely lose customers. “If you’re not ready for the mobile moment, you might as well stay home”,  says Ted Schadler, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research. Schadler goes on to explain, “Mobile is not small Web. It’s an entirely different experience based on simple steps and deep engagement, not self-service catalogs of transactions. Bolting a new interface onto an old technology stack won’t close the engagement gap that separates a company from its customer in that mobile moment of need.”

Summertime is the perfect time for companies to get their mobile content in shape. Maybe tone it up by developing and offering a new app, turning a hot website offer into a mobile contest or simply taking full advantage of the cloud as an indispensable element of any mobile delivery program worth it’s salt – or sand.

The bottom line – – – building a strong content management program is a complex and multi-faceted  undertaking that is a tossed salad of external, internal, cloud-based, web-based and mobile ready ingredients. Steelsmith Group, right here in sunny San Diego, can make your content sizzle this summer – with a special extra helping of flavorful mobile-ready content that reaches your customer where they are. We know content management, mobile content, CRM customization, web design, social media, SEO, local SEO, online marketing, email marketing, and PPC. Reach out to us today. We’re mobilized.



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Super Smart Content Marketing Tips for Small Business

For a small business effective content marketing strategy can make absolutely all the difference in how effectively the company reaches its audience and how quickly it grows.

The convention of content marketing has existed for over 30 years, and its overall notion and philosophy has been with us since the mid-nineteen hundreds. But now, as with everything else, the digital age has put a very fine point on the idea of content marketing and quantifiable results are expected.

Content marketing has become the kingpin of every solid web marketing strategy. Every updated algorithm Google pushes to its search engine has a huge impact on a company’s website page ranking, forcing SEO specialists to revisit what they have been doing and reinvent the SEO wheel over and over to get their higher ranking back.

So what is the best way to tackle the problem if you are a small business and what – if anything – really makes a difference? Oddly, or maybe not so oddly, the answer has come full circle once more. The quality of the content is of the utmost importance. SEO still has its place, but only in its support of choice content. The best content marketing strategy is one that not only sends the company to the front of the class in Google’s eyes, but also in the company’s client’s and prospect’s eyes.

There are ways that a small business can build and share content that are unique to them, and not just a mirror of what they see big corporations do.

Here are a few tips from the experts (including Steelsmith Group):

1. Put together a Content Marketing Calendar – and keep it current!

2. Research What Works – by reviewing past efforts and trending best practices

3. Keep on top of Social Trends When Newsjacking – putting together a list of viable news conglomeration sites

4. Conduct a Survey or Two – get the skinny direct from your prospects and clients

5. Don’t forget that Visual Content engages – pictures, infographics, and data charts

6. Create Video Blog – and keep it fresh. Video is the unsung hero of amazing content.

7. Use your best content again and again – in chunks and bits.

Content marketing cannot be ignored or done halfway. You can no longer cut corners, stuff keywords or put in a pile of links to get your online presence ranked highly. Content marketing is real work but it pays off. At Steelsmith Group we can help you. We completely understand all things digital and we live and breath content marketing, SEO, local SEO (we love you San Diego), CRM, social media, small business needs. We have deep search engine ranking expertise and a proven track record of producing content marketing outstanding results for our clients. We know exactly how the Google algorithm works and we only use the SEO strategies and techniques that grab Google’s attention. Here’s just a sampling of how we can get your content marketing rolling and rising to the top. We can:

  • Help you create your content marketing strategy from the get go
  • Draw up a detailed content calendar based on your business objectives
  • Write blogs that are best friends with SEO, have riveting content and contain apt keywords
  • Deliver the full spectrum of web content that works

Reach out to us today!


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Hashtag Your Way to These Social Media Day Shindigs in June

Flex those digits! The annual Global Social Media Day is coming up on June 30 and it was started in 2010 by Mashable “as a way to recognize the digital revolution happening right before our eyes”. This year there will be events all around the world designed to help us revel in the wonders of social media and celebrate its astounding growth. After all, the difference social media and digital innovation have made in all our lives (whether you are a fan or a foe) has been stunning.

Because it is a global party, Mashable emphasizes, “You can participate in a variety of ways — from connecting with other users via social media by using the hashtag #SMDay, to meeting with people in real life.”

In the United States there are 5 cities where you can go in person to network and to join in the general hullabaloo, including a happening planned for right here in San Diego. We’ll go into a little more detail about the party in SD, but first, here’s a quick list of other cities, dates and venues.


  • When: June 29, 2014 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET

Where: Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, 1300 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132

Official site:


When: June 26, 2014 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. ET

Where: Tongue & Groove, 2420 Piedmont Road, Atlanta, GA 30324

Official site:

Las Vegas

When: June 30, 2014 from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. PT

Where: XS Nightclub, 3121 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Official site:

New York

When: June 29, 2014 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. ET

Where: The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club, 514 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Mashable is hosting the event in NYC. To get the complete run down about all the details visit Mashable’s official site for the event.

And last, but by NO means least (drum roll please…)

San Diego

When: June 30, 2014 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. PT

Where: Marriott Marquis & Marina, 333 W Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92101

Official site:

Check out the SD site to get all the skinny on the event, but here’s a quick pull —

“Our Speaker Series is packed with superb speakers on vital social media topics, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Vine, podcasting, and more. Check-in begins at 8:30am and the speaker sessions will begin at 10:00am sharp! The Social Media Day Networking Party will be an awesome networking event at the beautiful Marina Kitchen inside the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina, featuring food & drink samples, cool social media inspired contests, photo opportunities, and of course NETWORKING with tons of others passionate about social media.”

San Diego’s Social Media Day is co-hosted and planned by some of the city’s top businessmen and produced by Casual Fridays. It’s going to be a blast! BUT – you have to register for events so go do that now! And there are some costs.

But if you can’t make it anywhere in person, you can still join the movement by:

  • Signing up to attend or organize your own event on the Mashable Meetup Everywhere page.

  • Using the #smday hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and any other social network of your choice.

At Steelsmith, we get all things social media, digital marketing, content marketing, SEO, local SEO, CRM, email marketing and online marketing, so we are ready to make some noise about Social Media Day! We are ready to tell your story across the internet using the latest technology and techniques to attract and nurture your prospects, engage your customers and position your company as an industry leader. Give us a call. We’re right here in San Diego. We’ll make it all happen for you.


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7 Solid Strategies for Local SEO

Most businesses, especially small businesses, need revenue from their target local customers to be successful. In the not so distant past, these same businesses spent most of their precious marketing dollars on advertising – newspaper ads, flyers, and coupons. While some of these traditional local marketing ideas still have some value, it’s best to use the pull of the internet to grab customers, using your website and SEO – especially local SEO.

Here are 7 local SEO strategies you can do right now to make sure you are telling search engines where you sit, what you sell and who your target customers are.

1. Set up a Google+ page.

Google+ and Google Places have merged, so you only need to a Google+ page. And it doesn’t have to be a business account for g+. It can be personal one whose owner will be the manager for the page. By listing your business with Google+/Google Places, your company will not only rank more highly in search results pages but the search results page will also show a map and contact details and it can even include other information like photos and customer reviews.

2. Get listed in relevant and regionalised directories.

You can start by exploring those available through local associations, industry associations and your chamber’s website. You can also look here: and find free directories, niche directories, regional directories, US directories, Canadian directories and directories in the UK.

3. Optimize your website and your Google+/Google Places listings for localized, relevant and highly searched words & phrases.

How do you describe your business? How do competitors describe their business? What pops us first when you google your product? What words define your city or local area? Okay – – use those words.

4. Optimize the content on your website for mobile.

Bottom line – if you’re not making it easy for mobile users to call you, you’re losing business. Studies show that more than two-thirds of smartphone users say using “click to call” is a hugely important part of any purchase process and that they use the “call” button in Google search results. So make sure your potential – and current – customers can reach you quickly via their mobile. Because if they can’t, they will jump right to your competitor.

5. Select the right categories for Google+/Google Places.

Google has been around for awhile and they have over 10 years of data gathered from searchers. This data tells them what kind of queries are most connected to what kind of products or services. It is critical that you use the right categories in your Google+ listing. To give an example, when a person is searching for a spa, they are probably looking for a long list of services that you can get at a spa. So make sure you think about all the ways people may be looking for you. And if you choose wisely in Google Places, your business will be among those qualified to get a spot in the local pack of organic results.

6. Check into to “Google My Business”.

Just this past few week, Google launched “Google My Business”. It is a new free tool available at The name says what it is – a way for small business to reach out to and connect with their customers. The tool puts all Google services of use to businesses in one area.

Here’s what Google says you can do with the tool:

  • “Update your business info on Search, Maps, and Google+ to make it easy for customers to get in touch.”

  • “Add beautiful photos of your business and a virtual tour of your business interior to help customers see what makes your business unique.”

  • “Connect directly with your fans and customers by sharing news, events, and other important updates from your Google+ page.”

  • “Stay on top of reviews from across the Web, and respond to Google reviews.”

  • “Understand how people find and interact with your business using custom insights and integration with AdWords Express.”

7. Encourage customers to review your business through Google+/Google Places – and get citations.

Consumers put a whole lot of faith in online reviews of businesses. In fact, over two-thirds of them say that they put as much stock in an online review as they do a personal recommendation. But keep your reviews short and current.

Here is the 411 on citations, from BloggingPro – “Citations are where your company name, address and telephone number appear on a website, and you will want to get as many of these as possible. Make sure that the information that appears on other websites is exactly the same as the information on your Google Places and Google+ Business pages, and these will help in the optimisation process.”

One final suggestion for SEO success – Reach out to us here at Steelsmith Group. We have deep search engine ranking expertise and a proven track record of producing outstanding results for our San Diego clients. We know exactly how the Google algorithm works and we only use the SEO strategies and techniques that get Google’s heart palpitating. Plus we can help you with CRM and all aspects of online marketing strategy and implementation.


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Can You Answer Questions About Your Content Marketing Strategy?

“Content marketing is the strategic marketing approach of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract, engage, and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.” – CMI

Recently, the CMI (Content Marketing Institute) Executive Forum was held in San Francisco. The forum was attended by Content Marketing execs from many leading B2B and B2C brands. They all came to talk about their craft, its long and short term outlook and its pain points. They also did a groupthink on what best first steps to take and what questions to answer when building a great content marketing strategy.

Some of the questions they came up with look deceptively easy to answer. But they aren’t – because content marketing is a subtle science, not a barnstorming one. The purpose behind content marketing is to shift or heighten consumer behavior towards your product or service. How? By getting your brand and/or company stamped as valid, knowledgeable and a leader in your field. And here is the trickiest part – – – it works best when others are sharing your message instead of you.

So here is a sampling of the questions CM leaders say you need to answer as you start to noodle around your content marketing strategy.

  1. What are your content marketing objectives (and have you written them down yet)?
  2. How does your content marketing strategy impact your company’s overall business vision?
  3. Does your content help its audience members achieve excellence at what they do?

There are more questions, so take a look at the CMI article that gives you a complete list plus some great associated food for thought.

And remember, at Steelsmith Group, our capabilities are unsurpassed when it comes to content management, SEO, CRM, email marketing, and all facets of digital marketing. Our multi-faceted approach tells your story across the internet, using the latest technology and techniques to attract and nurture your prospects, engage your customers and position your company as an industry leader. Give us a call today and let’s get started.

Read more:

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Videos – The Unsung Hero of SEO

A great way to really draw in and connect with your website’s visitors – and hold their attention longer- is through an exceptional video. Everyone loves a good online video. (How many have you watched so far this week?) Data shows that your conversion rate will jump when you use video as one of your online marketing tools. No matter who your target market is, they will respond to videos. Videos have cross-demographic and cross-generational appeal. It is a pretty affordable tool too.

So it should be a no-brainer to make video part of your SEO playlist. Need more convincing? Okay. With video you can –

  • Announce who you are and what you offer to your target audience – and even the competition.

  • Design and present a concise and clear demo of a few of your services and products by underscoring the benefits.

  • Throw a spotlight on your company’s position as a thought leader and expert in your field.

  • Provide your viewers with a learning experience about your product, your industry or any topic relevant to them.

  • Give your business a real personality and star power.

Over and above all else, the objective of a ROI-rich online video presence is to command first page results by combining smart Video SEO strategies with smart traditional SEO techniques. As a company that totally gets all things digital marketing – including SEO, CRM, email marketing, social media strategy, content management AND online video – Steelsmith Group can partner with you to design and produce captivating, edifying and keyword optimized videos that harness the power of this potent SEO tool. We will show you how your videos can deliver real value to your visitors along with a superb viewing experience.

To get you thinking, we found a great article on Search Engine Watch that gives some valuable tips on getting your videos a 5 star rating that will move the SEO needle in the right direction.

Read it, and then give us a shout!: