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Super Smart Content Marketing Tips for Small Business

For a small business effective content marketing strategy can make absolutely all the difference in how effectively the company reaches its audience and how quickly it grows.

The convention of content marketing has existed for over 30 years, and its overall notion and philosophy has been with us since the mid-nineteen hundreds. But now, as with everything else, the digital age has put a very fine point on the idea of content marketing and quantifiable results are expected.

Content marketing has become the kingpin of every solid web marketing strategy. Every updated algorithm Google pushes to its search engine has a huge impact on a company’s website page ranking, forcing SEO specialists to revisit what they have been doing and reinvent the SEO wheel over and over to get their higher ranking back.

So what is the best way to tackle the problem if you are a small business and what – if anything – really makes a difference? Oddly, or maybe not so oddly, the answer has come full circle once more. The quality of the content is of the utmost importance. SEO still has its place, but only in its support of choice content. The best content marketing strategy is one that not only sends the company to the front of the class in Google’s eyes, but also in the company’s client’s and prospect’s eyes.

There are ways that a small business can build and share content that are unique to them, and not just a mirror of what they see big corporations do.

Here are a few tips from the experts (including Steelsmith Group):

1. Put together a Content Marketing Calendar – and keep it current!

2. Research What Works – by reviewing past efforts and trending best practices

3. Keep on top of Social Trends When Newsjacking – putting together a list of viable news conglomeration sites

4. Conduct a Survey or Two – get the skinny direct from your prospects and clients

5. Don’t forget that Visual Content engages – pictures, infographics, and data charts

6. Create Video Blog – and keep it fresh. Video is the unsung hero of amazing content.

7. Use your best content again and again – in chunks and bits.

Content marketing cannot be ignored or done halfway. You can no longer cut corners, stuff keywords or put in a pile of links to get your online presence ranked highly. Content marketing is real work but it pays off. At Steelsmith Group we can help you. We completely understand all things digital and we live and breath content marketing, SEO, local SEO (we love you San Diego), CRM, social media, small business needs. We have deep search engine ranking expertise and a proven track record of producing content marketing outstanding results for our clients. We know exactly how the Google algorithm works and we only use the SEO strategies and techniques that grab Google’s attention. Here’s just a sampling of how we can get your content marketing rolling and rising to the top. We can:

  • Help you create your content marketing strategy from the get go
  • Draw up a detailed content calendar based on your business objectives
  • Write blogs that are best friends with SEO, have riveting content and contain apt keywords
  • Deliver the full spectrum of web content that works

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