3 Company Facebook Pages You Should Mimic

Demographically, Facebook offers the most diverse choice of people to market towards.  Most people in the world of business understand the potential of Facebook; however, most do not know how to completely harness Facebook’s potential for their business’ revenue and brand awareness.  After analyzing 100’s of company pages on Facebook, we have found 3 stand out pages that “get it right.”

#1 – Mabel’s Labels

Mabel's_LabelsMabel’s Labels business’ concept revolves around solving one main problem: Kids losing stuff. As a business founded by mothers to serve mothers – the main theme of the whole business is to use sticky, waterproof labels that personalize all of the child’s belongings.   Located in Ontario, Canada – this business is very passionate about what they do and creates labels for many different kinds of belongings including notebooks, pens/pencils, and other academic utensils. More than their actual page look is the way they approach social media strategy,  the company has created a very personable campaign strategy that offers extremely attractive, useful, participation asking content that tends to suck mom’s in.

Here are some of the great social media habits that this company exhibits on their Facebook page:

  • Diverse Content Choices- Mable’s Labels posts shareable content that’s not necessarily related to self-promotion.

  • Posting Frequency – They post approximately 1-2 times a day, and only 1 of those posts are going to be self-promoting advertisements.

Overall, they post high quality content on a consistent basis – two ingredients to a massively successful social media campaign.

 #2- Burt’s Bees

burt's_beesIf one were to guess what  Burt’s Bees does by looking briefly at their Facebook page, they’d instantly know what the company is about.  It’s obvious, they create natural beauty products.  Additionally, they are a company that has received millions of likes.  Sure, many of these likes are from people that have already used the brand before Facebook’s existence, however, we can still learn a lot from Burt’s Bees current strategy!

  • Unique Value Proposition – Their unique value proposition is right there in plain site: “Nature Reinvents the Crayon.”  Instantly, the user knows the purpose of the company and therefore is more inclined to keep browsing throughout the website.

  • Full Timeline – This is something that many companies simply overlook, they feature a full timeline actually has pictures dating back to its inception!  It’s a pretty wonderful idea to create a sense of loyalty and stability in the mind’s of your audience.

  • Like for Coupon Updates – A like in exchange for a coupon is an easy choice for a consumer to make. Furthermore, when a person likes a company or brand, there’s a good chance that others will notice and may even be interested in looking at the company.

In reference to social media strategy, Burt’s Bees also maintains one of the core principles of any successful social media marketing campaign – consistency!  They post nearly every single day at the same exact time!

 #3- Pool Supply World

poolsupplyworldLocated in the sunny desert of Phoenix, Arizona – Pool Supply World knows how to target and maintain their demographic.  Founded in 2006, this company has used social media strategy to bolster their revenue significantly over the span of years.  Here are some things this Facebook page does right:

  • Coupon! –  Right away, it’s obvious that they want to serve their customers by highlighting the Coupon option.  All you have to do is like their Facebook page and they’ll offer you a substantial discount on their products.  They truly understand the value of word of mouth marketing!

  • Poolaga The Game – If a viewer clicks on their “more” section – they will notice that the business has an interactive game!  This is a very innovative way to allow people to interact with your brand.  Furthermore, if that person gets a high score with the game they will be about to post about it on their Facebook timeline – this brings your company more brand awareness.

In conclusion, these are three businesses that every single business should model their Facebook page after.  If you apply all the tactics discussed on this post, you should see a tremendous amount of success!