Insurance Web Design Seattle Case Study

El Dorado Insurance had many of the same issues that insurance agencies face when Steelsmith Group became their marketing partner in 2013: Few internet generated leads, confused brand and messaging, no online following in their industry and a website without functionality and not working on smartphones or tables.

Today they have a beautiful brand that connects with their audience, a monthly newsletter with guest writers and a huge industry following, as well as a multitude of leads from across the US from successful search engine marketing campaigns.

Under the hood it gets even better. They have the ability to qualify applicants, generate customized quotes across dozens of states and sell insurance policies online.


Steelsmith Group has been working with El Dorado Insurance Agency for around 3 years. Back in 2013, we created a mobile friendly website that had given El Dorado a big advantage in their industry on several fronts. In 2015, we launched an enormously successful quote-buy-print eCommerce web application specifically designed for their Private Investigator Insurance product. Fast forward a year, their insurance applications and sales had grown considerably, helping them to become the technology leader in their industry. As we were preparing to launch a large expansion of their successful Paid Search campaign, El Dorado Insurance reached out to us with the need to make a big move to solidify their position and expand to industries beyond their current specialties. They expressed the need for a more modern web design that appealed to a wider spectrum of industry specialties.


Over the last 3 years, we had been fully engaged in conversion optimization using our regular Build-Measure-Optimize process. Combined with our user session recordings, we had a wealth of data which gave us unique insight to their target audience. We decided to expand the project to include full rewrites of the high traffic pages like security guard, private investigator, alarm installer and personal lines insurance. As smartphone and tablet users increased to a full 35% of their website visitors, we placed a special emphasis on the mobile user experience as well as the need to render beautifully across all browsers and screen sizes. Since El Dorado expressed the need to appeal to a wider audience, we needed to achieve this without alienating the security guard and private investigator industries which comprised over half of their traffic.


Besides the fact that we LOVE the look and feel of this website, the user experience is the real test. Upon launch, we benchmarked several important metrics including time on site, average pages per session as well as form leads, calls, newsletter signups and new applications and sales. Steelsmith Group’s websites are a powerful tool to back up our digital marketing efforts, and constantly evolve based on metrics, feedback and results.

Check out their website here!

We will update this post regularly as we learn more about the impact of their new website.