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[WEBSITE] Meissner Jacquet Commercial Real Estate Gets a New Design

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It’s time for something bigger, better and more beautiful

We’ve been working with Meissner Jacquet out of San Diego, CA for just over 2 years. During this time we’ve expanded from their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software team to their Full Service Digital Marketing team. However, we realized we helped them outgrow the first website we designed for them. In 2+ years we’ve accomplished quite a bit, but as we expanded their search engine marketing reach it was clear we needed a website that’s a better fit for their new expanded goals.

A new website design that is visual, forward-thinking and educational

We thought their website design and development should follow suit. Here’s how she’s built:

We started from the ground up. We conceptualized and evolved their brand while creating a fresh new design. From strategy and target client personas to keyword research it’s all planned out before the first digital brick was laid. Our goal was to create a website that increased their visibility, thought leadership as well as to increase leads. We also wanted this website to be mobile friendly across all browsers and devices and easy to use for their staff. We used a fully responsive design on the WordPress Content Management System to make this site bulletproof.

This website is designed and developed to be ultra-flexible, scalable, secure and powerful.

These goals all work together to grow the engagement of their target audience. This strategy has already been working for their content marketing, but it’s time to do it with a little more style.

As usual, a new website launch is just a foundation Steelsmith Group clients. Our websites are living, breathing and evolving representations of the business and it’s people. Using analytics, feedback and regular brainstorming we’ll grow this website bigger and better each month as we learn more and expand the Meissner Jacquet Commercial Property Management brand across Southern California.