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Team Spotlight | Captain Steelsmith Human Resources


Captain Steelsmith, a 30 year old Puggle (that’s Pug-Beagle), is ashamed to admit he was born in the boonies about an hour north of San Diego in Winchester, CA. One of 5 brothers and sisters and more than a few cousins (he can’t for the life of him remember their names) he joined Steelsmith Group in 2012 and relocated to Seattle in order to start a satellite office. Captain holds a Professional Certificate in Human Resource Management from UC San Diego, but he ate it, so that fact tends to be a source of contention with some of the staff. Captain is currently working on some difficult qualifications like a Certificate of Get My Shoes, and an even more technical Certificate of Leave It.

A Typical Day at Steelsmith Group

Captain’s day begins with a short walk around the block to review his game plan for the day and to mark his territory. He greets the rest of the staff in order to get a sense of the general office morale and to lick faces. After taking a 4 hour power-nap on the office roof deck to stay sharp, Captain eats lunch and finally gets to work chewing on his chicken-flavored bone while occasionally howling at passing fire engines.

What He Brings to the Table

Captain is occasionally described by colleagues as “Alpha” while networking with other less intelligent professionals at the local park. His always-positive attitude and uncontrollable jumping on people assures expert communication skills while developing the training skills of others. His determination and unmatched skills of eating a half a cup of dog food in under 5 seconds are only matched by his superior food negotiation techniques. Captain Steelsmith is a respected pillar of the Steelsmith Group Team.

In His Spare Time

When not attempting to master the art of the ever-changing Human Resource profession, Captain enjoys sitting, waiting, fetching over long distances, high-fives, rolling over and is trying to perfect his form while crawling. His talents don’t end there. Captain can also walk like a human, speak and enthusiastically weave between the legs of willing participants. He is thinking of becoming a model part time to help save for a boat and is frequently found walking Green Lake squirrel hunting.


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Andrew Steelsmith, CEO | Seattle Marketing Consultant


A native of Washington State, Andrew began his career in the US Coast Guard and served 6 years as a navigation specialist, tactical coxswain and law enforcement officer serving anywhere from Equator to Alaska to Russia. After his service, he attended Diablo Valley College for Business Administration.

Shortly thereafter, Andrew started Mover Circle, an online brokerage specializing in the moving industry. Mover Circle is now white-label technology firm helping moving companies modernize their sales and marketing systems, including CRM system and mobile applications. He went on to create Steelsmith Group in 2011 as a digital marketing consulting firm. Steelsmith Group quickly became a full-service digital marketing firm and has grown to two locations in San Diego and now in Seattle, his hometown.

A Typical Day with Steelsmith Group

While actively overseeing all aspects of the business, Andrew is very active in the day-to-day Sales and Account Management aspects of Steelsmith Group. A typical day involves team meetings, strategy calls along with planning, research and analysis for potential and existing clients.

What He Brings to the Table

Andrew brings 10 years of digital marketing experience through all aspects of the customer lifecycle from Search Engine Marketing, Web Design & App Development, Content Marketing, CRM and Marketing Automation. His ability to plan a focused, long-term client strategy and communicate those plans effectively with his clients has been shaped by the nearly 100 clients he has served in the 5 year history of Steelsmith Group.

In His Spare Time

Update: Andrew’s married now, which we never thought would happen. He also bought his first Seattle home in October of last year and lives in the “transitioning” neighborhood of Greenwood/Bitter Lake/Broadview.. okay we’ll just call it North Seattle. His wife Christine (his better looking and more social half) lives with him an his 3 year old puggle, Captain.

Andrew is actively involved with several internet marketing groups on the west coast, and attends meetings and conferences often to keep up on current trends and meet others in the industry. When he has some time to kill, he’s out boating, playing the guitar and trying to develop a respectable golf game and salsa dance moves that don’t look awkward.

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