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New Client Announcement: Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk

Steelsmith Group is pleased to announce a new client, Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk, offering the number one service advisor training programs in North America. Jeff Cowan is committed to helping professionals maximize their automotive service sales opportunities, and he does so through online videos and webinars as well as in-person seminars and workshops.

When we first met with Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk to understand their business and company needs, we identified quite a few areas in which our services can help Pro Talk to further succeed. The number one thing that Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk needs Steelsmith Group’s help with is increasing quality traffic to their website. They also need a more current and well-built website design to convert the traffic on their site into leads. Other priorities for our work with Jeff Cowan’s ProTalk include promoting a visible, impressive and trustworthy professional reputation as well as an active and engaged social media presence. In addition to these efforts, Steelsmith Group’s team will produce regular, high quality, informative articles as blog posts in order to establish more quality partnerships with other industry leading websites.

For Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk, we’re excited to redevelop their website, adding in SEO and PPC efforts to gain better online customer retention as well as better search engine rankings. We are also going to revamp the company’s email marketing campaign to keep their current and prospective clients informed on upcoming events, webinars, workshops, and deals.

The Steelsmith Group team is thrilled to work with Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk to help them reach their business goals. Please feel free to learn more at, and check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

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The 5 Keys to Content Marketing

Content marketing can be tricky, but it’s well worth the time and effort. Content marketing isn’t so much about promoting your products and services, but it’s about communicating with potential and current customers and providing them with useful information. There are various ways to present content for your company, including blog posts, videos, white papers, e-books, case studies, infographics, and photos.

If you successfully curate compelling content for your company, you’ll build brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, and establish your business as an industry leader. When content marketing is correctly executed, companies can better engage with their target audiences in order to generate new, qualified leads and drive sales.

1. Engage your audience. If you’re producing content for your company, your main goal should be to engage both current and potential customers. Focus less on promoting your business and business news, and focus more on providing your audience with content worth reading and sharing. Understand your customers–who they are, what they do, what they care about, and why they need your services/products. Think about what questions they might have and what interests them. Your company’s content should provide useful and purposeful information. A way to be creative about producing your company’s content is to identify personas for your target audience. For instance, maybe one of your customer personas is Businessman Bob, who is very serious, gets straight to business, and only wants the facts, whereas maybe another customer persona is Indecisive Izzie, who gets overwhelmed by too many choices and needs to know how your services/products benefit her. Give it a try. Not only will it help you more fully imagine the audience of your content, but it can be a lot of fun too!

2. Make your content as easy to find as possible. When people visit your site, they should be able to easily and quickly find relevant content. If not, they’re likely to leave your site unimpressed and disappointed. That’s why the navigation of your website is so important. Your menu bar should be able to direct visitors to relevant information regarding your business. It’s also important that your website works properly on all platforms and devices, as it’s becoming much more common for consumers to not only search on their mobile devices but make purchases on them as well. In order to get visitors to your site in the first place, ensure it is optimized for search engines. Correctly executed SEO will help your site gain more relevant and organic visitors to your site, increasing your chances of conversions.

3. Ensure the sharability of your content. Make your content social. Not only will shared links to your content increase site visits, but it will increase your brand’s authority, making site visitors more trusting and open to purchase. Add social share widgets to your site, write compelling titles, share your own content across social media content, and most importantly, create quality content. Entertain your audience, and give them useful information. When you make it easy for visitors to share great content, you should also make it easy for them to interact and connect with your brand through your website and social media accounts. Ask questions and respond to your audience in a timely manner.

4. Remember to be consistent in your content. Your content needs to align with your company’s brand. Your content should be a reflection of your company’s goals, policies, and most importantly the image you want your company to have. Tell people how you do your job–it’s okay. The more you explain, the more you show your expertise, and customers will be more likely to hire you for the job. Content can make or break a client’s impression of your business, that’s why it needs to be engaging and informative.

5. Track and measure your content performance. Use on-site analytics to review user activity on your website. You’ll see what content your site’s visitors spend the most time reading as well as what content they skip over. This can help you understand what kind of content your potential customers want more of as well as what content can be improved. On-site analytics allow you to determine what keywords bring in the most traffic, have the longest view times, and convert the most traffic. Look at the difference between overall visits and unique visits to see how many different people are viewing your content. You should also use social media tracking to see when your content is shared across the web. Pay attention to who shares your content, so you can better understand your audience.

There’s a lot that goes into making sure your company’s content is effective. However, good content generally brings in good business. That’s why at Steelsmith Group we take the time to ensure the content we produce for our clients is tailored to their company’s industry and audience. Our goal is to create content that shows off their expertise, so our clients are perceived as the industry leaders they are.

If you have questions about content marketing or want to hire Steelsmith Group to do it for you, give us a call today at (888) 245-4177 or fill out the contact form to the the right.

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Internet Marketing 101: Landing Page Optimization

A landing page is a page on your website, designed specifically to be the first page a visitor comes to and to be highly relevant to the service or product they are seeking. Landing pages are often overlooked when creating an internet marketing strategy, but they’re arguably the most important part of your website.

To put it simply, landing pages are the URLs that people go directly to via search engine results, sponsored ads or other advertising. Your landing pages are where traffic converts into sales.

When you design your website, remember that your landing pages need to be specific to what you do, informative (but not overly so), and have obvious calls to action, whether it’s a contact form or your business’ phone number with text saying, “Call Today.” Look at your highest competitors’ landing pages to see how they’re set up.

Below are the features that together compose the ultimate landing page:

  • Make the page visually appealing: have the page designed professionally, limit the text and add     engaging images
  • Make the goal of the page obvious and inviting
  • Keep the look and feel congruent with the rest of your website to remain consistent
  • Include a compelling and clear call to action
  • Minimize the amount of data you ask visitors for (only ask for what you need)
  • Put what you want your visitors to focus on above the fold, meaning that your visitors don’t     have to scroll down to find what you want them to see first
  • Have an obvious, large, and bold phone number on the page (don’t forget to put your address     on there as well)
  • Use facts rather than sales tactics
  • Include endorsements and testimonials to increase perceived authority
  • Tell potential customers what your services/products cost
  • For local businesses, include a high-quality map of your location (Google maps tend to be the     standard)

When Steelsmith Group optimizes landing pages for our clients, these are the fundamentals that we always stick to. Landing pages need to be clear, concise, and honest for your internet marketing campaign to successfully convert as much traffic as possible. If you could use some help, feel free to get in touch with Steelsmith Group today by calling (888) 245-4117.

New Client Announcement: CDC Small Business Finance

Steelsmith Group is happy to announce yet another new customer, CDC Small Business Finance. They specialize in loaning to small businesses as an economic development lender.

For CDC Small Business Finance, we’re consulting with them to help them integrate Google Apps for Business. They decided to switch from Outlook to Gmail, so we’re training them on how to use everything from Gmail itself to the Google Calendar and, of course, Google Drive.

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SMM Makes Local Musician’s Video Go Viral

Here’s a great story of our little internet marketing company in San Diego volunteering our services to help a sidewalk musician hit it big nearly overnight. This is a great example of the power of social media marketing.

One evening last summer, Andrew Steelsmith heard a beautifully unique voice while walking the streets of downtown San Diego and wandered over with his girlfriend in tow. After recording one of the mystery singer’s enchanting songs on his iPhone, Andrew’s marketing background compelled him to upload the video to YouTube. He went on to use his internet marketing expertise to optimize the video for search engines and post it on several social media sites. Overnight, the video exploded in popularity and trended at the top of websites like YouTube and Reddit, gaining almost a half a million views.

The next day, Andrew learned that the beautiful stranger singing on the sidewalk was named Charlie Rae. She had a hard time grasping her newfound popularity. After all, she was singing on the street in the first place because she’d been having trouble booking gigs since moving to San Diego a few months earlier. Charlie Rae suddenly received hundreds of collaboration offers, had labels want to meet with her, and was even approached by NBC’s The Voice. Andrew Steelsmith and Charlie Rae were even featured on ABC News’ website as well as Fox 5 San Diego.

Later that week, Charlie Rae’s manager contacted Andrew to consult with them regarding social media and other internet marketing tactics. Andrew was able to help Charlie Rae and her manager capitalize on their surprising and sudden success by consulting with them on how to connect with her fans and nurture her newfound popularity on the internet.

Charlie Rae continues to play regular gigs with a large social media following, and her popularity continues to grow steadily.

Check out Charlie Rae’s Facebook page. And check out our page while you’re at it.