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New Website Launch! It’s A Cinch iPhone App!

Steelsmith Group is super excited to announce the launch of a new website that we created for It’s A Cinch, a weight loss iOS app that’s coming soon. It’s A Cinch’s new site has a description and pictures of the app as well as its creator, Jessica Talbi, a woman with a passion for fitness and health. The website also contains a blog, filled with content from Jessica herself.

When Jessica reached out to our partner, Barefoot Solutions, to create the app for It’s A Cinch, we were more than thrilled. The development behind the app is very complex, but the app itself is going to be very user friendly and easy to navigate. Not to mention, It’s A Cinch will help you with every aspect of losing weight from eating well to exercise and calorie counting. The app will even adapt to your individual food preferences and weight loss goals.

Oh, and did we mention that the new website looks great? The blog is full of extra useful content to help app users lose weight or just stay in shape. Current blog topics include Exercise, Fitness Relationships, Healthy Eating, Motivation, and Weight Loss. The blog page continues to grow and change with new content that’s updated regularly.

We’ll keep you updated on when It’s A Cinch is released, so you can purchase the app and achieve your fitness goals in a manner that’s individualized to you.