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SMM Makes Local Musician’s Video Go Viral

Here’s a great story of our little internet marketing company in San Diego volunteering our services to help a sidewalk musician hit it big nearly overnight. This is a great example of the power of social media marketing.

One evening last summer, Andrew Steelsmith heard a beautifully unique voice while walking the streets of downtown San Diego and wandered over with his girlfriend in tow. After recording one of the mystery singer’s enchanting songs on his iPhone, Andrew’s marketing background compelled him to upload the video to YouTube. He went on to use his internet marketing expertise to optimize the video for search engines and post it on several social media sites. Overnight, the video exploded in popularity and trended at the top of websites like YouTube and Reddit, gaining almost a half a million views.

The next day, Andrew learned that the beautiful stranger singing on the sidewalk was named Charlie Rae. She had a hard time grasping her newfound popularity. After all, she was singing on the street in the first place because she’d been having trouble booking gigs since moving to San Diego a few months earlier. Charlie Rae suddenly received hundreds of collaboration offers, had labels want to meet with her, and was even approached by NBC’s The Voice. Andrew Steelsmith and Charlie Rae were even featured on ABC News’ website as well as Fox 5 San Diego.

Later that week, Charlie Rae’s manager contacted Andrew to consult with them regarding social media and other internet marketing tactics. Andrew was able to help Charlie Rae and her manager capitalize on their surprising and sudden success by consulting with them on how to connect with her fans and nurture her newfound popularity on the internet.

Charlie Rae continues to play regular gigs with a large social media following, and her popularity continues to grow steadily.

Check out Charlie Rae’s Facebook page. And check out our page while you’re at it.