Digital Marketing Road Map Strategy

Steelsmith Group’s Digital Marketing Road Map was created as a collection of digital marketing services working together under one strategy to help our clients achieve their marketing goals. The Road Map is a proven path to establishing and increasing your revenue on the internet.
Using a tightly knit combination of complimentary marketing services, tools, and techniques, the Digital Marketing Road Map helps you:

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  • Define your brand and corporate voice
  • Establish an industry leading web presence
  • Increase visibility locally and nationally
  • Build quality traffic and actionable leads
  • Grow an audience and become an authority
  • Nurture your prospects over months and years
  • Automate your workflow and lower your overhead

How Does it Work?

The Digital Marketing Road Map works as a ramp-up that lasts anywhere from 6-8 months. This is the build phase. During the BUILD phase, we’ll kick off build projects to build each marketing channel. Once that marketing channel’s foundation is built, we move that channel to the MEASURE & OPTIMIZE monthly cycle where we charge a monthly price to continue performing the service, while analyzing the outcome and making rapid improvements to increase those stubborn metrics we always talk about. You get more traffic, more leads and more revenue.

Once your strategic foundation is established, we begin to track multiple KPI’s for each marketing channel and analyze these against past performance and “events” like launching a website or new campaign. The KPI’s are delivered your way each month and analyzed by our specialists to determine any necessary course corrections.

Not Convinced? How About:

  • Customized for your industry
  • Follow the Road Map at your speed
  • Push pause or press the gas pedal
  • Monthly strategy call with the CEO
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Actionable insight reports every month

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What’s the first step?

Click on the Build Your Road Map below or just give us a call. We’ll dive in to develop a 360 degree view of your business and recommend a customized plan that fits your company, industry and marketing goals.