What Is Marketing Consulting?
Steelsmith Group’s marketing consulting can help point your business in the right direction. When a business hires a consultant, they hire an expert to help them understand the ins and outs of a business area they may not be super familiar with. Our consultant will walk you through any aspect of your business plan from CRM consulting to internet marketing. We’ll even train your sales staff.

Why Is Consulting Important?
You may need help with your business’ internet marketing plan, setting up a CRM, SEO consulting, sales training, or complete business development, or you may need all of these services. Luckily, we specialize in all of these areas and can tailor our consulting services to your company’s specific needs. You can save yourself a lot of headaches by hiring Steelsmith Group’s experienced yet affordable expert to help you out.


Our Consulting Process
Our initial goal is to fully understand your business’ vision, problems and goals by conducting company and industry research for you and your competitors online. Additionally, we’ll familiarize ourselves with your internet marketing foundation, brand and sales tools, along with your workflow. Then our experts will create a basic internet marketing strategy personalized for your business.
After learning all about your business and your competitors, Steelsmith Group’s consulting experts will help you build a basic business strategy to catapult your business to success.

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