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Content Marketing Intro

Content Marketing is the centerpiece of our successful integrated digital marketing strategy. Steelsmith Group’s Content Marketing Strategy involves crea
g relevant, timely, visual and entertaining content and optimizing it for the most relevant and effective keywords. This not only enhances your reputation and engages your audience, but our SEO optimization methods ensure that the articles, infographics, videos and more are highly visible in the search engines when people are searching for your product or service. This leads to quality traffic and leads for your website. Our Content Marketing strategies and processes are among the most successful in the industry and are critical to the growth your marketing.

content marketing company san diego seattleDeliverables

  • Comprehensive Corporate Voice Profile
  • Educational, Entertaining & Timely Articles
  • Regular Blog Posts with Photos & Graphics
  • Beautiful & Informative Infographics with Expert Research
  • Entertaining High-Quality Animated Explainer Videos
  • Distribution through Email, Social Media & Partner Websites

Content Marketing Strategy

Steelsmith Group’s Content Marketing Strategy a critical first step in driving qualified traffic to your website as well nurturing your prospects while establishing thought leadership in your industry. With a solid strategy, we help you nurture over time by educating, entertaining and informing your customers with articles, infographics, videos and guides distributed through Social Media, Email Marketing, and SEO.

A typical customer will visit your website more than 7 times before contacting you directly. This makes the process of building trust and authority crucial in not only establishing a connection but nurturing that potential customer. Our strategy is the first step in setting your Content Marketing on the right path to success.


Steelsmith Group Content Marketing is a strategic combination of educational, informative and entertaining content that is SEO optimized to show up in the search engines like Google and Bing when someone types in relevant keywords. Creating quality content is a key component in several of our digital marketing efforts. For your website, it ensures that visitors will stay engaged longer which helps you build trust and connections.

For Search Engine Optimization, creating unique, quality and relevant content often is a huge component of how Google and Bing will rank your website among your competitors. For Email Marketing, regular articles sent out to a quality, an engaged list will bring them to your website and keep them coming back, growing your list in the process and nurturing your prospects. For Social Media, these articles are shared among the readers’ peers which is a “social signal” to the search engines helping your ranking as well as building an engaged readership and authority in your industry. Our Content Marketers are subject matter experts with over 30 years combined experience creating articles, infographics, videos and guides that will inform and engage your audience.

Steelsmith Group’s infographics, guides, and videos are an outstanding way to educate your target audience and have several huge benefits for your other marketing channels as well. Used alone or created with an article, they are designed to be an easily digestible and visually appealing way to spread valuable information to your audience. In addition to the value to your audience, infographics, guides and videos gain enormous visibility in the search engines if properly optimized for your high-value keywords. Our combination of outstanding graphics, thorough research and strategic optimization and distribution make Content Marketing a huge win for your business.


Content Marketing is the centerpiece of your Digital Marketing effort across all of your marketing channels. The specific KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that we track are blog hits, pages per session and average time on your blog. As content is the main driver for your marketing efforts, we also look at SEO, Email Marketing, and Social Media statistics as main components to tracking the effectiveness of your Content Marketing campaigns.

content marketing seattle


As we produce quality content, we watch and listen to your audience to learn the subjects, voice and types of media that your audience identifies with most. As we evolve your Content Marketing campaigns, we create popular themes or a series of articles designed to keep your readers coming back. We also learn where they get their content from and constantly adjust our efforts to build your audience on those specific platforms.

As we optimize your content pieces for search engines, we analyze what content pieces and subjects gain traction and visibility based on users searching Google and Bing. Using this information combined with keyword research, we can gain insight as to your biggest opportunities to attract quality traffic to your website and build a following.

What’s Next in Your Road Map?

Building content is one thing, distributing it is another. Let’s get our Social Media team on it!