Internet Marketing Strategy

Strategy Intro

Establishing an internet marketing strategy is essential for understanding the behavior of your target audience on the web as well as understanding your competitors. It also allows us to work with you to establish and enhance the value of your products or services. Our Digital Marketing Roadmap is a key step in building your foundation. Once that foundation is established, we use our Build-Measure-Optimize process to make rapid improvements based on user feedback, KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) as well as monthly strategy calls. Here’s what you’ll get!

internet marketing strategy
  • Tried-and-Tested Internet Marketing Roadmap
  • Digital Competitor Analysis & Outline
  • Targeted Client Persona Development
  • Actionable Metrics & Clear Reporting
  • In-Depth Progress & Strategy Conferences


Initially, we gather all of the information about your company and products to establish a launching point for your marketing channels. Next, we use this information to complete a comprehensive Digital Competitor Analysis by identifying your top digital competitors across each service and geographic location. Once complete, we begin your Persona Development & Targeting Outline. This outline supports the marketing process by creating a vivid, tangible picture of your best prospects or customers, and then sets the framework to create a marketing message that’s pertinent to their concerns, and move them to inquire and buy.


Once your strategic foundation is established, we begin to track multiple KPI’s for each marketing channel and analyze these against past performance and “events” like launching a website or new campaign. The KPI’s are delivered your way each month and analyzed by our specialists to determine any necessary course corrections.


Based on the culmination of these initial projects, we establish a Master Strategy Document which is updated each month as we learn more and develop your brand, website and marketing channels. During our monthly strategy call, we discuss our findings as well as any needed course corrections. This process is a never-ending cycle designed to rapidly improve the performance of each and every aspect of your digital marketing.

digital marketing strategy

What’s Next in Your Roadmap?

Once your strategy is established, we quickly move to your Branding or Website Design & Development.