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Search Engine Optimization Intro

Steelsmith Group’s integrated approach to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ensures that your website is not only visible to potential clients searching Google, Bing, and other search engines, but we’re constantly looking for new opportunities based on real, actionable metrics and data. Using a proven content-centric approach to SEO, we integrate your strategy across every blog post, infographic, video, email and use analytics from Paid Search efforts to discover valuable opportunities. Our experience, processes, and state-of-the-art technology ensure constant increases in rankings, traffic, visibility and reputation across the web.

  • Deep-Dive Keyword Research
  • Link Profile & Competitive Search Analysis
  • Full Optimization of Your Website, Code & Content
  • Regular Analysis & Improvements Based on REAL Visitors
  • High-Authority Publisher Outreach for Valuable Links
  • Regular Ranking, Website Health & Analytics Reporting


As you’ve probably heard, SEO is a marathon and not a sprint. Our SEO Strategy process involves many hours of deep-dive keyword research to understand how your potential customers are searching for your business. However, it’s not just about the words people are typing into Google. It’s about finding opportunities that your competition hasn’t and capitalizing on them using the content your business puts out onto the web including articles, infographics, videos and more. We’ll also look at how your competition stacks up as well as how reputable the other websites that link to your own are to the search engines. Our Seattle SEO strategy ensures you have the best reputation and authority possible while staying flexible to capitalize on opportunities to drive more qualified traffic leads to your business.
Our off-page SEO Setup is one-part analysis and one-part engineering. We work to develop a full understanding of how your website is linked to other websites across the web and identify any possible issues like spammy websites linking to yours. Also, we’ll develop a complete picture of how “healthy” your website looks to the search engines while integrating your website with the best software applications on the planet.


One of the reasons Steelsmith Group is more affordable than an SEO agency from Seattle or beyond is our significant investment in cutting-edge technology designed to learn and evolve with your SEO strategy. Our extensive SEO Setup process involves a full-scale integration with our software applications as well as ensuring you are properly set up with advantageous tools and services provided by Google, Bing, and the other search engines. We’ll also set up customized reporting designed to give you regular, timely updates on our progress as we evolve your SEO strategy and execution.

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Steelsmith Group’s link building strategy, methods, and processes are as future-proof as you can get. As the search engines learn about your target audience, they’re working hard to give the most relevant search results possible. If you have proper SEO with high search engine authority, you’ll rank higher than your competitors in the search results.
Our Off-Page SEO and Ongoing Authority Building process are all about building your authority across the web. We’ll work with your existing networks, partner websites as well as our established network of high-authority publishers to ensure that each page on your website gets the most visibility possible.

What’s Next in Your Roadmap?

Once we’re set up for search engine visibility, let’s accelerate your growth and target your audience with Paid Search (PPC)