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Web Development Intro

Steelsmith Group is proud to be a technology-driven company. Our websites aren’t just a pretty face for your company. We develop a website that renders perfectly across all browsers and mobile devices. Steelsmith Group websites are also packed full of functionality that integrates everything from Social Media to Email Marketing and Search Engine Optimization without becoming difficult to pop in and update yourself.

Besides delivering a website clear of bugs and glitches, we use an armada of powerful software behind the hood to ensure that your website is safe, secure, flexible, scalable and user-friendly. Your new website will be developed and perfected on a live-design & development website before we launch to replace your existing website. Our server is truly built for digital marketing.

We’ll ensure that your website isn’t shared with thousands of other websites that can be infected and spread to yours, like a shared host would risk. We’ll also make sure you have a near 100% uptime and instant notifications of hacking attempts and possible risks.

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  • Responsive Coding on a Customized Content Management System
  • Powerful Integration with Hundreds of Applications
  • Built for Speed and Image Optimization and Cache Technology
  • 24/7 Security with Full SSL Encryption and Hacking Prevention
  • Marketing-Optimized Dedicate Server


Once your design is ready to roll, we create a demo site on our own secure server and start coding. This is a very involved process including software setup, image optimization, architecture and coding as well as database creation and software integration. We have extensive QA testing methods that ensure your website is launched free of bugs and glitches.

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Your website needs to be in top condition to ensure stability and growth as your business expands. Our development team is constantly watching your website to ensure 100% uptime, fast loading speeds and performance across all browsers and mobile devices. We also record user sessions to ensure that they are enjoying a bug-free user experience.


As we gather more information on how your users are specifically interacting with your website, we find ways to increase the effectiveness in all areas. Security is one of the major factors, as hackers are constantly finding new vulnerabilities. We employ a multitude of checks including active spam and hacking prevention, website and database backups, broken link checking and WordPress CMS updates to ensure your website is performing head and shoulders above your competition.

What’s Next in Your Roadmap?

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